The Hot Collection of our latest Musicians Select Inventory supplied by our stage wear provider at $240.00 savings! Killer Stage Wear Jeans with Lace Up Flare Leg Jeans with Skull Crusher Design! If you have seen our jeans photos when they were posted and were sold on our site. They are the exact same jeans as before. If you wish for pictures again we will only provide them to our  LTK  Musicians and Customers that are already rocking our line of stage wear. So If you need a photo again we will provide to your verified email with prior past order numbers or we can not provide photo are allow you to order these professional stages wear pants at the $240 Discounted Price. We are Only providing this incredible deal to our dedicated customers which we are making this incredible deal to help our featured band to have a true professional look and image to increase their fanbase and exposure in the highly competitive field helping musicians to succeed by giving this incredible discount because our companies goal is to help musicians succeed and have a truly professional image with our affordable rock  and stage wear while other "ROCK WEAR WORN" Clothing lines are continuing to charge new band outrageously overpriced items to increase their business bank account and NOT contribute in anyway to new bands success or exposure in this highly competitive industry where we put our musicians and bands FIRST over us trying to overcharge our customers and putting our success over the working bands and musicians as a couple of our competitors overpriced clothing and stage wear are currently doing to benefit ONLY themselves and their business bank accounts.   Use sizing chart above in photos for proper size ordering! Only Available for sales to our existing musicians feature on our Sponsoring Radio Station at HMG Live Radio or LTK Customers that have prior order! Thank you for your dedicated support rocking LTK Rock Wear Fastest Growing Line of Rock Wear! 

Hot Lace Up Flare Leg Jeans Discounted $200 For Our Professional Musicians Only!

$325.99 Regular Price
$85.00Sale Price